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Venus Transit

June 5, 2012 in The Dickinson Press

Virginia Tech astrophysics graduate student Brandon Bear points to an image of the Venus Transit on Tuesday while projecting the image to an auditorium of people on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Va. Continue Reading

Rare look at transit of Venus seen at UND observatory

June 5, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

The rarest planetary occurrence was observed Tuesday, and many caught a glimpse of it as UND showed off its observatory southwest of Grand Forks.
The transit of Venus takes place every 105 years when Venus aligns between the sun and Earth for about seven hours. Continue Reading

Where and when to watch Venus transit with live video

June 5, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

It’s your last chance to catch one of the rarest cosmic spectacles Venus slowly crossing the face of the sun. Weather permitting, the transit of Venus will be visible from much of Earth Tuesday from the Western Hemisphere and Wednesday from the Eastern Hemisphere. This sight won’t come again until 105 years from now in 2117. Continue Reading

Viewing of Venus transit a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

June 4, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

If you missed the solar eclipse two weeks ago, you may get an even rarer chance this week to see the sun dim when the planet Venus sweeps in front of our home star today. Miss it and the next showing won’t be for another 105 years, astronomers say. Continue Reading

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