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2010 Census continues to miss minorities

May 22, 2012 in The Dickinson Press

WASHINGTON The 2010 census missed more than 1.5 million minorities after struggling to count black Americans, Hispanics, renters and young men, but was mostly accurate, the government said Tuesday. Continue Reading

Minorities half of residents under 5 in 3 Minnesota counties

May 17, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

While minorities make up 17 percent of Minnesota’s population, new U.S. Census Bureau estimates show they make up 30 percent of the state’s preschoolers. Continue Reading

ND’s 85-and-up population growing

April 28, 2012 in The Dickinson Press

GRAND FORKS Gordon Caldis, 92, still lives in the home on Grand Forks’ Belmont Road that he moved into 60 years ago with his wife, LeNore. Continue Reading

ND food stamp usage down

January 4, 2012 in The Dickinson Press

BISMARCK (AP) The number of North Dakotans using food stamps to buy groceries dropped 2 percent in the last month of fiscal 2011, while the state’s population swelled to an all-time high spurred by a hardy economy.
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Senior men close age gap

December 4, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

Women still live longer than men on average, but males are catching up in the longevity race, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released Wednesday. Continue Reading

Census to release new data on same-sex couples

September 25, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

As a vote to define marriage in the state constitution gets closer, the U.S. Census Bureau is preparing to release new estimates on the number of same-sex couples in Minnesota and other states. Continue Reading

North Dakota’s population getting older and more diverse

May 5, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

New census data shows rate of aging is actually lower than national averageNorth Dakota’s population is getting older, but new census data suggests the state’s strong economy and booming oil production has helped the state age slower than most of the U.S. over the past decade.
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New homes outpace population growth

December 8, 2010 in Grand Forks Herald

Grand Forks County, like other larger North Dakota counties, has seen more and more homes built in the past decade, yet U.S. Census Bureau estimates suggest that they may be outpacing the number of people that would live in them. Continue Reading

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