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Column: The CIA’s lack of transparency

August 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

WASHINGTON — If the CIA spends half as much energy finding terrorists as it has spent fighting Congress, we should feel very safe.
The spooks, taking a break from the mundane work of protecting the nation, have lately been turning their spycraft a…continue reading on

CIA accountable for torture — doubt it

December 21, 2012 in The Dickinson Press

At long last, the Senate Intelligence Committee approved on Dec. 13, after three and a half years of research, its “Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation.” But We The People can’t read it yet. It’s still classified. Continue Reading

INVESTIGATION: At CIA, grave mistakes … then promotions

February 9, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

In the years since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, officers who committed serious mistakes that left people wrongly imprisoned or even dead have received only minor admonishments or no punishment at all, an Associated Press investigation has revealed. A botched case in Macedonia is but one example of a CIA accountability process that even some within the agency say is unpredictable and inconsistent. Continue Reading&

Anti-gay torture allegations stun neighbors in NYC

October 11, 2010 in Worthington Daily Globe

NEW YORK (AP) Allegations that gang members attacked two teens and a man last week because they were gay don’t square with the reputation of their Bronx neighborhood, where gay men and women live openly and neighbors are tolerant of homosexuality, residents and city leaders said. Continue Reading

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