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Commentary: Changing America

November 13, 2012 in West Central Tribune

“The color of the world is changing day by day.” “Les Miserables,” the musical
A look at the electoral map indicates the Republican Party won in square miles. Unfortunately for them, electoral votes, not landmass, won President Obama a second term. Analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics estimated that total spending on federal elections would peak at nearly $6 billion, an all-time record. This spending included ads that carpet bombed swing states; yet we are still an almost equally divided nation. But America is rapidly changing. Continue Reading

Commentary: Is our U.S. censorship now the new pluralism?

February 22, 2012 in West Central Tribune

Pat Buchanan might have seen the end of the line coming at MSNBC when last month network president Phil Griffin commented on his latest book, “Suicide of a Superpower,” by saying, “I don’t think the ideas that (Buchanan) put forth are appropriate for the national dialogue, much less on MSNBC.” Continue Reading

Blizzard hockey: Williams earns national honor

November 24, 2011 in Alexandria Echo Press

The Alexandria Blizzard forward was lauded for his character off the ice Continue Reading

‘I JUST MADE THE WRONG CHOICE': Fairbanks says he’s responsible for Dewey shooting

August 31, 2011 in DL-Online

Thomas Fairbanks took the stand in his own defense in his murder trial, admitting he was responsible and no one else, for shooting Mahnomen County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Dewey. But he had no intent to shoot him, was drunk and on drugs and feared for his own life, Fairbanks said under questioning from his attorney, Jim Austad. Continue Reading

Fairbanks trial: Fairbanks’ sister testifies — for prosecution

August 20, 2011 in DL-Online

He was ‘out of it’ after shooting Dewey, she said
The sister of Thomas Fairbanks testified for the prosecution Friday in his trial on charges that he murdered Mahnomen County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Dewey and assaulted a dozen other officers. But it was clear her sympathy is with her brother. Continue Reading

Jury of 12 plus 4 alternates picked in Fairbanks trial

August 17, 2011 in DL-Online

Judge denies last-minute defense motion to move trial again
With two jurors selected Tuesday, the panel of 16 sought by the judge for the trial of Thomas Fairbanks was reached. Opening arguments are expected to begin Wednesday, a week later than Minnesota District Judge Jeff Remick initially had hoped. Continue Reading

Fairbanks trial again delayed as jury selection remains slow process

August 16, 2011 in DL-Online

Opening statements set for Wednesday
The murder trial of Thomas Fairbanks again has been pushed back as jury selection continues to go slower than the judge expected. Continue Reading

ANALYSIS: Details of Dewey’s death may be key in Fairbanks trial

August 15, 2011 in DL-Online

As the murder trial of Thomas Fairbanks approaches, a key issue appears to be whether when and how his alleged victim Mahnomen County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Dewey died might affect how the jury decides the case. Continue Reading

Jury selection hits 11 in Fairbanks case

August 12, 2011 in DL-Online

Eleven jurors have been picked so far to hear the murder case against Thomas Fairbanks, nearing the needed 15, including three alternates. Two men were chosen Thursday after long interviews in court, making the panel so far four women and seven men from Polk County after nine days of selection. Continue Reading

Fairbanks jury selection well behind initial schedule

August 11, 2011 in DL-Online

A single juror was chosen today after interviews by the judge and attorneys from both sides, bringing the total selected to nine, toward the goal of 15, including alternates. Continue Reading

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