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Last beets out in late harvest

November 19, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

Dennis Dipple finally finished digging his sugar beets Monday, only one day earlier than his father’s latest beet harvest 53 years ago, he said. Continue Reading

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Growers Celebrate a Sweeter Sugar Beet Crop This Year

November 16, 2012 in WDAZ

Sugar beet growers along the Red River Valley are having a sweet harvest this year. The Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative and American Crystal Sugar report the sugar content in beets is up nearly 20 percent. Continue Reading

Crystal accepts frost-damaged beets for first time

November 2, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

With 89 percent of its planted acres safely harvested and piled, American Crystal Sugar Co. on Thursday implemented a new “frost quota,” allowing at least a small percentage of frost-damaged beets in the far north to be brought in. Continue Reading

Union official: No progress in Crystal talks

June 8, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

A mediation session today involving American Crystal Sugar executives and locked-out union workers apparently ended without any progress toward a settlement of the lengthy dispute.
Continue Reading

Roundup Ready sugar beets move closer to deregulation

June 4, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

A U.S. Department of Agriculture statement issued Friday marked another step that could fully deregulate Roundup Ready sugar beets, potentially allowing farmers to plant the genetically modified seeds without restriction. Continue Reading

Crystal planting starts as 2011 slice finale comes

April 25, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

Sugar beet processing season is coming to a close in the Red River Valley, even as the planting season is revving up. Jeff Schweitzer, spokesman for American Crystal Sugar Co. in Moorhead, Minn., said most of the factories are down to processing beets in cold storage sheds. In some cases, the remaining beet storages are equipped with chilling mat covers, with large refrigeration units that can be employed if necessary. Continue Reading

Sugar producers accuse corn rivals of false advertising in landmark lawsuit

March 21, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

In a lawsuit that goes before a Los Angeles federal judge today, sugar producers accuse their corn industry rivals of false advertising in a campaign that casts the liquid sweetener as “nutritionally the same as table sugar” and claims “your body can’t tell the difference.” Continue Reading

Grafton ethanol plant owners to meet with sugar beet growers

March 19, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

Energae LP, the group planning to reopen the former Alchem Ltd. ethanol plant in Grafton, N.D., will conduct a meeting at noon Friday for sugar beet growers. Continue Reading

Investor meetings set for Grafton, N.D., ethanol plant reopening

March 8, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

Energae LP will conduct investor meetings in Grafton next week to raise money for the fall reopening of the community’s ethanol plant, which will process sugar beets, instead of corn. Continue Reading

Mothballed Grafton, N.D., ethanol plant could reopen by fall

March 5, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

Plant, under new ownership, would turn sugar beets into fuel as early as fallEnergae LP, an energy investment group based in Clear Lake, Iowa, has signed a purchase agreement to buy the mothballed Grafton facility from Northeast Energy LLC, according to Jerry Krause, a general partner in Energae. The company expects to launch a search for North Dakota investors within the next couple of weeks, he said. Continue Reading

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