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Sanford sues Norberg for the money it paid for his practice

February 15, 2013 in The Dickinson Press

FARGO Sanford Health here is suing Jon Norberg, claiming that before the health system bought his practice, the orthopedic surgeon should have disclosed he was under investigation for allegedly drugging and raping his wife. Continue Reading

Photo ID supporters to sue

July 19, 2012 in Worthington Daily Globe

Ritchie’s title change center of second lawsuit
ST. PAUL Secretary of State Mark Ritchie faces a second lawsuit over his rewriting a proposed constitutional amendment title. Continue Reading

Judge orders talks in dinosaur suit between SD company, Montana nonprofit

October 24, 2011 in The Daily Republic

Attorneys say the case is the first of its kind involving a copyright fight over dinosaur castings fossil replicas often used in museum displays. Continue Reading

Doeden: Can’t beet these greens as rich and tasty source of nutrients

July 20, 2011 in DL-Online

I came home from the farmers market the other day with a large round loaf of sourdough bread, tiny potatoes, a few onions and a bulb of fresh garlic. Oh, and a big bag of beet greens. Continue Reading

Stalking rhubarb: A dreamy dessert just in time for summer

June 8, 2011 in DL-Online

How many rhubarb pies, cobblers and crisps can a person eat? At my house, it would be quite a lot, actually.
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Orzo: The all-purpose pasta

May 2, 2011 in DL-Online

If you’ve had an opportunity to peruse the grocery store shelves packed with boxes and bags of all sorts of pasta, there is a good chance your eyes caught something called orzo. But is it pasta? You might think it is a type of rice that was mistakenly stocked with the pasta. Or is it a grain? Continue Reading

Doeden: Mini-bundt cakes get a tropical twist

April 13, 2011 in DL-Online

As much as I try to eat foods that are as local as possible, there are some edibles from faraway places that I just don’t want to be without. Call me spoiled, and I will agree.
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Doeden: Chicken with a splash of citrus

March 30, 2011 in DL-Online

Three-Citrus Spring Chicken, with skin the color of molasses and succulent meat delicately infused with enhancing flavors, looks gorgeous and will brighten any day with its sparkling taste.
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