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November 19, 2010 in The Daily Republic

Solutions getting tougher as state’s budget hole remains
On Dec. 7, Gov. Mike Rounds will make his recommendations for the 2012 state budget to the Legislature. Those recommendations will provide a starting point for the 2011 session of the South Dakota Legislature, which is staring at a budget shortfall of at least $39 million. When that shortfall is dealt with and it will be because state law requires a balanced budget lawmakers already know there is another $37 million projected deficit for the next (2013) budget. Continue Reading

State’s budget concerns continue

November 12, 2010 in The Daily Republic

The Legislature will need to find at least $39 million in additional general revenue to balance state government’s 2012 budget that starts next July 1, if no cuts are made, no programs are added and no pay raises are given.
Another $37 million of deficit would remain to be addressed for the 2013 budget. Continue Reading

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