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Energy secretary: He approved Solyndra loan; White House didn’t contact him

November 17, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

Testifying under oath on a widening controversy, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said he was unaware of his staff predictions in 2009 that California solar company Solyndra was likely to face severe cash-flow problems. He said that market changes which led to a steep decline in the price of solar panels were “totally unexpected.” Continue Reading

House panel approves subpoena on Solyndra loan

November 3, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

A House Energy and Commerce subcommittee voted 14-9 along party lines to authorize subpoenas of top White House officials. GOP lawmakers say the subpoenas are necessary because the White House has denied or delayed requests for thousands of documents related to Solyndra. The Fremont, Calif., company received a $528 million federal loan before filing for bankruptcy protection and laying off 1,100 workers. Continue Reading

House panel may subpoena White House documents in federal loan to defunct solar company

October 28, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

Officials say the House Energy and Commerce Committee could meet as early as next week to vote on a subpoena demanding White House records relating to a federal loan guarantee that went to a now-defunct California solar company. Continue Reading

OPINION: Solyndra – whose baby is she?

September 29, 2011 in The Daily Republic

WASHINGTON Solyndra is trying to rival her big sister Katrina’s ability to make the federal government look incompetent. But whose baby is she?

Continue Reading

OUR OPINION: Bridges, not Solyndra, needed ‘stimulus’

September 25, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

If the administration had more forcefully addressed those “one in six,” “one in 11″ and other states’ bridge deficiencies by the way, dams and other critical infrastructure also remain deficient it could be pointing today at progress made rather than money lost. Continue Reading

White House wary of Solyndra impact on 2012 Obama re-election, emails show

September 16, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

Even as President Barack Obama declared that “the future is here” during a May 2010 visit to Solyndra, warning signs were being sent from within the government and from outside analysts who questioned the company’s viability as a “going concern.” Continue Reading

Treasury probes $528 million loan to bankrupt solar firm

September 15, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

The Treasury Department’s inspector general has opened an investigation of a $528 million government loan to Solyndra Inc., the now-bankrupt solar panel manufacturer once cited as a model of the Obama administration’s clean energy program. Continue Reading

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