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PARKER: In luck we trust

January 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

WASHINGTON — As we evaluate the efficacy of the War on Poverty, a single, unquantifiable factor stubbornly demands attention: luck.

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Without Medicaid expansion, counties will pay medical bills for poor

December 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

In 1879, Minnehaha County commissioners started plans to build a poorhouse, a government-run facility to support the needy.

Soon after, land was purchased and a poor farm was established. It was one of the first of its kind in the state, and it wa…continue reading on

Urban Plunge event shows teens how poor, homeless live in urban areas

November 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

SIOUX FALLS — Denver McFarlane expected to be bored. He wasn’t.

“Seeing this, it makes me want to give more,” he said.

Tara Thill was nervous at first. Later, she said the experience was life changing.

“When I got here, I saw what …continue reading on

Report: Economic insecurity declines in SD

November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Economic insecurity in South Dakota declined by 1.4 percentage points in 2012, according to the Economic Security Index, a report released by the Rockefeller Foundation and Yale University professor Jacob Hacker.

The latest research makes South Da…continue reading on

Census: Poverty rises in college towns

July 30, 2013 in The Dickinson Press

GRAND FORKS – University students can raise poverty rates significantly in areas where they live, especially in college towns such as Grand Forks and Fargo, according to recent U.S. Census Bureau report. Continue Reading

Letter: Issues of poverty are complex

June 6, 2013 in Worthington Daily Globe

I wanted to respond to a recent letter to the editor on the topic of welfare recipients by sharing some of my own experiences with poverty.
I used to hold a lot preconceived judgments about poverty. I blamed the individuals experiencing poverty for their circumstances. This was easy to do as I did not have any close friends or family in such circumstances. Continue Reading

OUR VIEW: Disturbing trends about SD children

May 8, 2013 in The Daily Republic

We understand that single-parenting is becoming more common, but that doesn’t mean we have to like or condone the trend.
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Low pay, single-parent families put South Dakota children in poverty

May 7, 2013 in The Daily Republic

More than a third of South Dakota’s jobs are rated as “low-wage” and nearly two-thirds of the state’s children live in single-parent households. Those two factors lead the reasons why 42 percent of the state’s children live in low-income households, including 18 percent who are in poverty, said one expert.
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Not every county in the state is rich: USDA StrikeForce program targets poverty in North Dakota

April 4, 2013 in The Dickinson Press

The prosperity seen in North Dakota is unmatched anywhere else in the country. As of February, the state’s unemployment rate sat at 3.3 percent. For some Americans, North Dakota is like Israel was to the Jews in the book of Exodus a land flowing with milk and honey. Continue Reading

USDA expanding program to fight rural poverty to Dakotas

March 26, 2013 in The Daily Republic

The so-called StrikeForce initiative, which already operates in 10 states. The program will now also be available in the Carolinas, the Dakotas, Alabama and Virginia.
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