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It’s Our Turn: Waning weddings and vexing vows

July 3, 2013 in Alexandria Echo Press

The sanctity of marriage has indeed been defiled. This is not a new phenomena. It’s plagued American homes for half a century. Continue Reading

It’s Our Turn: Hot Wheels, cool memories

May 23, 2013 in Alexandria Echo Press

When I received a news release this week about Alexandria Industries building the world’s longest Hot Wheels track for a special race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, two thoughts raced through my mind. Continue Reading

It’s Our Turn: Screening our children

May 2, 2013 in Alexandria Echo Press

Free-range CHILDREN. FREE Range-children. Free RANGE children. No matter how you say it, it sounds ridiculous. Continue Reading

It’s Our Turn: Invisible farmers, lumberjack angels and magic water fairies

February 14, 2013 in Alexandria Echo Press

February was our month, I recall thinking when I was a little girl. My dad and I were both born in February. Winter always reminds me of him. Cork-studded boots, flannel shirts, wool pants, the smell of pine needles and sawdust, that’s my dad a logger. Continue Reading

Our Turn: Donkeys, elephants, monkeys and weasels, are you playing political musical chairs?

November 1, 2012 in Alexandria Echo Press

Who will you vote for when the music stops?
I just wrapped up coverage of the League of Women Voters Douglas County commissioner candidate forum. It took forever.
Ten candidates vying for five seats, sharing their views on queries from the public. That’s a lot of information to process, which makes me wonder:
How much information do we retain, how many voters are really informed? Continue Reading

It’s Our Turn – All are welcome in this place

March 10, 2011 in Alexandria Echo Press

Work is currently under way on the Echo Press’ fifth edition of The Churches of Douglas County. We typically come out with an updated version of this publication every three years, and I have been fortunate enough to work on all five of them.
I love working on this piece because churches intrigue me especially historic ones, and Douglas County is blessed with many of these treasures. Continue Reading

Column – Vocabulary dumbbells

February 3, 2011 in Alexandria Echo Press

My brain is getting fat.
Not the nice, plump, filled-with-good-information kind of fat. The lazy, turning-to-sludge-and-blubber kind of fat. Continue Reading&

Column – Difficult decisions need compromise

January 13, 2011 in Alexandria Echo Press

For most of us, there’s been a time when we’ve needed to make a difficult decision that has a win-lose outcome tied to it. Unfortunately, some decisions simply aren’t a win-win. Continue Reading

Column – My resolution: To explore strange, new, fun foods

January 6, 2011 in Alexandria Echo Press

Persimmon. Pomegranate. Tomatillo. Collard greens. Swiss chard. Eggplant. Swai. Yellowfin tuna. Arctic char. Polenta.
So, what do these foods yes, they are foods have in common? Continue Reading

Column – Petrich bids adieu after 12 years

December 28, 2010 in Alexandria Echo Press

I thought writing my last column would be easy.
I envisioned a stirring retrospect of 12 years and more than 500 columns for two newspapers. Continue Reading

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