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Old Cowbelle: Sing something that matters

June 12, 2013 in Pierce County Herald

I like music, and most songs, but I like to be able to understand the words. So many singers seem to think that the “louder the better,” even on Idol, to the point of screeching. Uff da! Continue Reading

Old Cowbelle: Bird Watching

June 5, 2013 in Pierce County Herald

Some of God’s greatest gifts to us, free for the looking, are the colorful birds we see here in Wisconsin. Especially in the spring when many of them have returned from wherever they went during the winter months. Continue Reading

Old Cowbelle: Amateur ‘Shrink’

May 29, 2013 in Pierce County Herald

Sometimes, don’t you think it would be interesting to be a psychiatrist, or a psychic; learn what goes on the minds of people? Fascinating in a way. Continue Reading

Old Cowbelle: Survival

May 22, 2013 in Pierce County Herald

It was kind of awe inspiring to watch as the very top spire was hoisted into place at the top of the new memorial erected at the site of the World Trade Center. Continue Reading

Old Cowbelle: Graduation – Opening New Doors

May 15, 2013 in Pierce County Herald

High school graduation is the end of one thing and the beginning of many others. It’s actually leaving childhood behind and venturing out into the adult world. So many choices to make; so many decisions involved. Continue Reading

Old Cowbelle: The end of things?

May 9, 2013 in Pierce County Herald

I and many other readers are going to miss Sunnyside News and West El Paso News, by Marion and Bev. Continue Reading

Old Cowbelle: Sense of humor, necessity

May 2, 2013 in Pierce County Herald

The weeks after Easter have been filled with bad things: the bombing in Boston, the explosion in Texas, the poisoned letters, the Korean threat, Uff-Da! Continue Reading

Old Cowbelle: The Boston Marathon

April 25, 2013 in Pierce County Herald

It’s hard to understand what goes on in the mind of someone who would set off bombs with the intent to harm people. What kind of “twisted” person is that? Does he/she get some sadistic satisfaction, hearing about the deaths and serious injuries that was the result of their crime? Continue Reading

Old Cowbelle: Kids in Church

April 17, 2013 in Pierce County Herald

Last Sunday, I sat in my usual back pew. Also in the pew were two little ones, a little girl about two or three, and a little boy under a year old. Those two little munchkins were so good and so cute that it was hard for me to drag my attention away from them to listen to the sermon. Continue Reading

Old Cowbelle: Waiting for Spring

April 10, 2013 in Pierce County Herald

I haven’t really minded the winter because I could be indoors most of the time, but I have to admit, it is getting a little old! So I dug out an old poem to try and imagine how it will be to see and smell the new season of spring. Continue Reading

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