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North Words: The raven and wolf are linked together in the MN wilderness

November 23, 2012 in DL-Online

There are two species of wildlife that I consistently associate with wilderness. Within these wild environments, which include northern Minnesota, exist gray wolves their tracks in the snow revealing their haunts and their startling howls piercing the night air. Yet it is the wolf, an animal that summons its strength and shrewdness in order to survive intense hunger and cold during long and brutal winters, that frequently scans the sky of all things for food, foe, and friend. Continue Reading

Birds and other animals are natural masters of disguise

October 12, 2012 in DL-Online

To be seen or not to be seen that is the solution, not the question. With creatures great and small the world over, the colors and patterns of their coverings are much more than just protection from the elements. To be certain, few animals could survive for long without protective covering. But all those different color patterns that mix together in pelages, plumages, skins, shells, and wings and other things, helps critters blend into their respective environments. Continue Reading

Signs of wildlife are all around us, you just have to look

August 10, 2012 in DL-Online

Many years ago when I first wet a line in pursuit of stream trout on the Straight River near Park Rapids, I felt doubtful that a fish could be caught, much less live, in such a small little stream. After all, the stream I stood before was scarcely a dozen feet across and shallow enough that I could clearly see its pebbly bottom. Continue Reading

Goose banding helps make better management decisions

August 3, 2012 in DL-Online

Wildlife biologists, technicians, and volunteers throughout Minnesota have recently been busy once again in what can be truthfully called bona fide “wild goose chases.” The annual activity of capturing and banding Canada geese, which commences late June to mid-July when adults are molting and their goslings cannot fly, assist wildlife research biologists better understand goose population dynamics, which, in turn, provides important data for applying harvest management by wildlife managers. Continue Reading

We are blessed to live in ‘the land of sky blue waters’

July 27, 2012 in DL-Online

I remember as a boy watching an old Hamm’s beer commercial and enjoying the catchy jingle, “From the land of sky-blue waters . . .” If I recall, the scenes were pure Minnesota the lakes, the pine trees, the rivers. Continue Reading

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