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Romney says he “put it all on the field”

November 6, 2012 in West Central Tribune

BOSTON (AP) Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wrote a 1,118-word victory speech on Tuesday as he concluded his yearslong quest for the presidency claiming he had no regrets.
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Candidates seek foreign policy edge in third and final debate

October 22, 2012 in West Central Tribune

WASHINGTON (AP) Still neck-and-neck after all these months, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney head into their third and final debate with each man eager to project an aura of personal strength and leadership while raising doubts about the steadiness and foreign policy credentials of the other guy. Continue Reading

Romney: Nearly half of Americans don’t pay income tax, ‘believe they are victims’ (with video)

September 18, 2012 in West Central Tribune

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican White House nominee Mitt Romney faced the task of getting his campaign back on track Tuesday after a hidden camera caught him off guard, while President Barack Obama was kicking back in New York on David Letterman’s couch and at a fundraiser with Beyoncé and Jay-Z Continue Reading

As crisis flares abroad, Romney finds presidential race focusing on a vulnerability

September 14, 2012 in West Central Tribune

With protests at U.S. embassies and four Americans dead, Mitt Romney is suddenly facing a presidential election focused on a foreign policy crisis he gambled wouldn’t happen. Continue Reading

Ryan selection as Romney’s VP choicde shrouded in secrecy (video)

August 12, 2012 in West Central Tribune

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — After Mitt Romney decided on a running mate, Paul Ryan’s carefully planned transition from congressman to vice presidential candidate began – in deep secret. Continue Reading

Romney names Paul Ryan his No. 2

August 11, 2012 in West Central Tribune

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has selected Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate. Continue Reading

Pawlenty: Mitt Romney has ‘paid a lot of taxes’

July 18, 2012 in West Central Tribune

WASHINGTON (AP) Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is defending Mitt Romney’s refusal to release more of his income tax returns, arguing “there is no claim or no credible indication” he’s done anything wrong. Continue Reading

Mitt Romney draws boos from NAACP when he dings Obama

July 11, 2012 in West Central Tribune

HOUSTON (AP) — Republican Mitt Romney is telling black voters that he’s a better choice than President Barack Obama to help build their neighborhoods and lessen unemployment among African Americans.
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Commenetary: Romney cannot make up his mind on Bill Clinton

May 16, 2012 in West Central Tribune

WASHINGTON Mitt Romney was against Bill Clinton before he was for him.
There was Romney, campaigning Tuesday in Iowa, praising the nation’s last Democratic president and casting him as far superior to the current incumbent. Continue Reading

Romney denies targeting classmates for being gay

May 11, 2012 in West Central Tribune

WASHINGTON Mitt Romney apologized Thursday for “stupid” high school pranks that may have gone too far and moved quickly to stamp out any notion that he bullied schoolmates because they were gay. His swift response reflected the Republican presidential candidate’s recognition that his record on gay rights is under heightened scrutiny following President Barack Obama’s embrace of gay marriage.
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