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Romney stumps for Rounds as GOP eyes control of Senate

October 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

By James Nord

SIOUX FALLS (AP) — Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney stumped for U.S. Senate candidate Mike Rounds on Thursday as part of a national tour to energize the GOP base ahead of Election Day.

Rounds is up against De…continue reading on

Republicans see the light on immigration

February 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

In 2012, the Republican Party stood for the ancient biblical proposition that the sins of the father should be visited upon the son. Mitt Romney captured its presidential nomination while vowing to veto the Dream Act, which would allow immigrants bro…continue reading on

Post-Romney, some in GOP reject advice to moderate

August 6, 2013 in The Dickinson Press

WASHINGTON After Mitt Romney’s 2012 loss, many senior Republicans concluded the party must moderate its image on issues such as immigration and reproductive rights. Continue Reading

OPINION: Facts are clear: Romney was better choice for trailer industry, Trail King

February 4, 2013 in The Daily Republic

On Jan. 9, Mr. Owen Reitzel criticized the CEO of Trail King for suggesting to Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., on a recent visit to Mitchell, that business conditions with an Obama election versus a Romney election equated to a loss of hiring 150 new employees.
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Romney’s loss creates GOP leadership vacuum

December 1, 2012 in The Dickinson Press

BOSTON Mitt Romney’s shadow looms over a Republican Party in disarray.
The face of the GOP for much of the last year, the failed presidential candidate has been a virtual ghost since his defeat Nov. 6. He has quietly weathered the fallout of the campaign from the seclusion of his Southern California home, emerging only momentarily for a private lunch at the White House with President Barack Obama on Thursday. Continue Reading

Romney lost race in summer, after business credentials redefined

November 7, 2012 in The Daily Republic

Democrats aired a blizzard of ads undercutting the narrative of Romney’s campaign by turning his strongest credential his business record into a liability. Continue Reading

Romney concedes defeat

November 6, 2012 in The Dickinson Press

BOSTON (AP) Mitt Romney has conceded defeat in the presidential contest.
The Republican nominee told supporters he would pray for Barack Obama’s success in leading the nation. Continue Reading

It’s Obama: President powers to re-election

November 6, 2012 in The Dickinson Press

WASHINGTON President Barack Obama rolled to re-election Tuesday night, vanquishing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and winning four more years in office despite a weak economy that plagued his first term and put a crimp in the middle class dreams of millions. Continue Reading

Race tight as election night count goes to wire

November 6, 2012 in The Dickinson Press

WASHINGTON President Barack Obama won the reliably Democratic Northeast, and Republican Mitt Romney secured his conservative base Tuesday night in a duel for the White House shadowed by a weak economy and high unemployment. Continue Reading

Romney wins Georgia, Tenn.

November 6, 2012 in The Dickinson Press

WASHINGTON Mitt Romney has won in Georgia. It’s a state that had appeared to be a potential battleground early in the campaign, but ended up being part of Romney’s Southern base.
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