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MARILYN HAGERTY: Burtness Theatre crew takes show on road

January 17, 2013 in Grand Forks Herald

They have put the sets up. They have taken them down. They know how to pack the whole show in a couple of trucks. By now, the crew and cast of “My Generation” are all packed up again and ready for their appearance next week at the regional Kennedy Center College Theatre Festival in Lincoln, Neb. Continue Reading

THE EATBEAT: Top-notch menu makes 50-mile drive to Hastings Landing well worth it

January 15, 2013 in Grand Forks Herald

A recommendation from a reader led me to try out the new Hastings Landing restaurant in this town on Interstate 29 about 50-some miles north of Grand Forks. Continue Reading

MARILYN HAGERTY: January calendars have no room for storms

January 10, 2013 in Grand Forks Herald

The year 2013 is off and running with plenty of action behind the scenes around Grand Forks. The OLLI winter showcase this week focused on upcoming programs. Continue Reading

THE EATBEAT: Noodles & Company offers classic comfort and more

January 8, 2013 in Grand Forks Herald

It was a note from a friend, Lauren Hornbaker (LH), which got me moving toward the new Noodles & Company restaurant near Columbia Mall. Like many people, LH likes “mac ‘n’ cheese” and considers it a comfort food. At Noodles, she almost always orders the fancy version, the Truffle Mac. Continue Reading

MARILYN HAGERTY: Time to make to-do lists, eat cookies

January 3, 2013 in Grand Forks Herald

Things to do in January: Write letters, clean drawers, visit a shut in, stare into space, update the family tree. Eat a cookie. Eat another cookie. Eat up all the cookies. Continue Reading

MARILYN HAGERTY: 2013 begins on wings of promise, song, hope

January 2, 2013 in Grand Forks Herald

“We’re off and running with the new year here in Grand Forks. If nothing else, I vow that this year I will remember it is 2013. For some reason, I could never get with remembering it was 2012, even though it was the year I went viral.” Continue Reading

2012’s Top 10: The year belonged to a viral star

December 30, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

The top Herald stories were voted on by our newsroom staff, based on what we believe resonated most with readers. The clear winner: Marilyn Hagerty and her now-famous Olive Garden review. Despite there being many other important and compelling stories from our community, Marilyn put Grand Forks on the map like none other in 2012 and we suspect her star will continue to rise in 2013. Continue Reading

Top 10 stories on

December 30, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

Online readers voted with their clicks. These are their Top 10 stories, several of which overlapped with the Herald staff’s Top 10 picks. Continue Reading

MARILYN HAGERTY: Dog, cat licenses selling well at City Hall

December 27, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

An English Springer Spaniel named Albert is destined to bear the title as “top dog of the year” in Grand Forks during 2013. The dog belongs to John Shilling who was first in line to pick up the new licenses Dec. 17. Continue Reading

MARILYN HAGERTY: On Christmas Eve, All Roads Lead You Back Home

December 23, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

Marilyn Hagerty wrote this Christmas Eve column more than 40 years ago. Its reprinting (with a small update) has become a holiday tradition. Continue Reading

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