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Column: Obama is liberals’ lesser evil

September 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

WASHINGTON — The anti-Obama left was out in force. All 22 of them.
As the president stood on the South Lawn to announce the bombing campaign in Syria, liberal demonstrators gathered on Pennsylvania Avenue on the other side of the White House to pr…continue reading on

Documents: NYPD infiltrated liberal political groups

March 23, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

Undercover NYPD officers attended meetings of liberal political organizations and kept intelligence files on activists who planned protests around the country, according to interviews and documents that show how police have used counterterrorism tactics to monitor even lawful activities. Continue Reading

Schultz: A rare liberal success among talk broadcasters

February 22, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

Flip through the radio dial any given afternoon and you might hear an angry-sounding white man railing against the government, Congress and dastardly politicians. No, not Rush Limbaugh. It’s former Red River Valley talk host and sportscaster Ed Schultz. Continue Reading

Obama getting earful from disappointed liberals … but will he get their votes?

August 19, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

President Barack Obama’s summer of discontent has been marked by rumblings within his Democratic political base over his willingness to fight congressional Republicans and his approach to fixing the economy. Continue Reading

Liberal group upside over cuts proposals threatens to pull Obama support

July 15, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

A liberal group upset over potential cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security delivered pledges today to President Barack Obama’s national campaign headquarters threatening to pull its support. Continue Reading

MINNESOTA LEGISLATURE: Religious groups come calling, lobbying … and not all for the same things

February 18, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

Issues range from universal health care, minimum wage to abortion, same-sex marriageFor Minnesota religious groups both conservative and liberal, the state’s $6.2 billion budget deficit will be a factor. Continue Reading

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Nelson: Rich irony in liberals’ vile libels

January 22, 2011 in INFORUM

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” remarked Rahm Emanuel, President Barack Obama’s former chief of staff. Continue Reading

Column: Send in the clowns

September 9, 2010 in Worthington Daily Globe

WASHINGTON It is important to understand the plot line in the tragedy called Washington politics before one can appreciate the play, or not. Continue Reading

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