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Hopes for Twins lie in the future

January 25, 2013 in DL-Online

Coming off of back-to-back 90-plus losing seasons, the Minnesota Twins had a much-needed overhaul in the offseason, one which tore down the 2012 starting rotation and hopefully the start of rebuilding a new foundation is underway. Continue Reading

Can’t get any bigger for Pack versus Vikings

December 26, 2012 in DL-Online

It happens twice a season and no matter the records, it’s a big game. So Sunday’s NFC North Division tilt between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers will have more than just a rivalry tag on it when they kickoff at 3:25 p.m. at the Mall of America Field inside the Metrodome. Continue Reading

Time for change?

December 14, 2012 in DL-Online

A sign of a good NFL coach is not to succumb to the knee-jerk reactions the typical fan possesses during a season where they live and die for each Sunday afternoon of football. Continue Reading

Fans frustrated by Vikings’ woes

October 26, 2012 in DL-Online

There is more than just one malfunction which has inflicted the once-surging Minnesota Vikings, as they came crashing back to Earth in a burning heap of bad plays, fumbles and penalties Thursday night inside the Metrodome. Continue Reading

In the Zone: The state of Minnesota pro sports teams

July 14, 2012 in DL-Online

The sports world this past week was as dead as the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse, so it was a good time to take the pulse of the Minnesota teams which inhabit or will inhabit some of the nicest stadiums in the nation. Continue Reading

White Earth Tribe throws hat in Vikings’ stadium debate

December 16, 2011 in DL-Online

Tick-tock. Tick-tock.
The days are winding down closer and closer to Feb. 1, which is a date that could live in infamy for Minnesota sports fans and residents alike. Continue Reading

McNabb a bridge, not a band aid

July 27, 2011 in DL-Online

Over the course of the last few years, the Minnesota Vikings have had a propensity of generating headlines and making a splash with the signing of big name football players.
The biggest, of course, was future Hall of Famer Brett Favre, along with the trade of Randy Moss. Continue Reading

This ‘reach’ may actually turn out well

May 4, 2011 in DL-Online

Last week’s question, were the Minnesota Vikings reaching for the golden ring or in desperation, will be answered in, let’s say, four to five years. Continue Reading

SCSU students save the day

January 19, 2011 in DL-Online

It was fourth down and long for the St. Cloud State University football team this past fall, and the outlook was pretty bleak. Continue Reading

Mahnomen native now a Bison

September 9, 2010 in DL-Online

Beckius living the dream
Continue Reading

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