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Hortiscope: Traps help protect trees from apple maggots

November 25, 2010 in INFORUM

Q: I read your column in our local newspaper every week and find it to be very helpful. We had a bad problem with apple maggots in two of our apple trees the last two years. Continue Reading

HORTISCOPE: Strawberries need winter blankets without weeds

September 22, 2010 in Park Rapids Enterprise

Q: A person I know had ant problems on rhubarb roots. To get rid of the ants, I suggested sprinkling corn meal around the plants. Ants cannot digest corn meal and will take it back to their hive. I have used this method with good success around my yard for the last five years. Continue Reading

Hortiscope: Hostas can be cut back to improve their aesthetics

August 18, 2010 in Park Rapids Enterprise

Q: I have two apple trees with branches that die every year. It starts in the spring when these branches leaf out later than the others. The leaves that do grow on the affected branches are small. During the course of the summer, the leaves dry up and the branch dies. Continue Reading

Maple colors reflect extreme environmental changes

August 4, 2010 in Park Rapids Enterprise

Q: We had several autumn blaze maples planted on our property during the spring of last year. Continue Reading

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