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Guardians of a Restored Republic creating ‘provisional government’

January 17, 2011 in The Daily Republic

An official for a group that wants to change America told about 50 people Saturday that members want to return to a government as they believe it was originally created in this country by the people and for the people.
Jim Odle, of Arlington, who claims to be a state and federal senator in the Guardians of a Restored Republic’s provisional government, called the U.S. government a corporation and said government laws are actually policies for citizens to follow. Continue Reading

Fringe political group plans local meeting

January 7, 2011 in The Daily Republic

Guardians of a Restored Republic, a group describing itself as dedicated to restoring America, is asking area residents to attend a Jan. 15 informational meeting in Mitchell.
The group has published advertisements in The Daily Republic asking a series of rhetorical questions, such as “Are you aware that the government with which we all grew up is not lawful?”; “Are you an American who wants true freedom?”; and “Are you tired of being subservient to the government?” Continue Reading

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