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Our View: Refinery a symbol of national progress in Dickinson

March 31, 2013 in The Dickinson Press

On Thursday afternoon, the Dickinson Museum Center sent a photo to The Press showing a 1955 aerial view of what is now the busy area around the intersection of State Avenue and Villard Street. Continue Reading

Our View: Legislature hurt you by voting to restrict public information

March 29, 2013 in The Dickinson Press

On Wednesday, the state’s House of Representatives committed a shameful act against the good people of North Dakota by voting to pass an amended version of Senate Bill 2310. Its aim: to limit the information on law enforcement accident reports available to the public. Continue Reading

Paul Ryan cranks up election’s intensity

August 15, 2012 in The Daily Republic

Republicans should be giddy that Mitt Romney tapped Paul Ryan to be the vice presidential running mate on the November ballot. The veteran Wisconsin congressman brings energy, youth and real ideas to the Romney campaign, which thus far has been bereft of all three. Continue Reading

Mission to Mars is costly but potentially worth it

August 7, 2012 in The Daily Republic

Another American spaceship has landed on Mars, promising great advances in science and new, dramatic views of the Red Planet. Continue Reading

Make an exception to road naming for our vets

May 4, 2012 in The Daily Republic

The decision facing the state Transportation Commission isn’t an easy one.
In the past, the commission decided it would no longer allow segments of roads and highways to be named after more than one single party. Continue Reading

Tournament plan doesn’t seem that bad to us

March 22, 2012 in The Daily Republic

A proposal before the South Dakota High School Activities Association is calling for the unification of postseason basketball tournaments, which doesn’t seem like too bad an idea. Continue Reading

Editorial: Getting graphic on cigarette packs not the answer

August 20, 2011 in The Dickinson Press

From the time we are young we are taught that smoking is bad. It’s made pretty clear in a number of places, from teachers and parents to billboards and quit-line commercials on TV and the radio.
Continue Reading

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