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Student helps craft ‘space eye’ for Pentagon

January 26, 2011 in Duluth News Tribune

A Duluthian attending Michigan Tech plays a key role on an award-winning design team.
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An emerging culture comes to class

October 18, 2010 in Duluth News Tribune

Thanks to an international learning program, Duluth high school students are learning about the world’s fastest-emerging culture.
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Our view: You go to ‘Dentral?’ How about ‘Cenfeld?’

September 15, 2010 in Duluth News Tribune

Duluth’s Leo Oliver heard of the decision and immediately was alarmed. The football team and other sports teams from Central High School are to play this year under the name Central Trojans. But, as Oliver and just about everyone else around here knows, about half the student body at Central is made up of Denfeld kids because their school is under reconstruction. Next year, that student body, nearly 1,500 students strong, will move permanently from Central into Denfeld, and Central will be closed.
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Student’s view: A promising year at ‘Seinfeld High’

September 15, 2010 in Duluth News Tribune

I was as nervous as any other student going to “Seinfeld High,” the nickname some have given to Central this year as it is filled with students from both Central and Denfeld high schools. Students from both schools have been told by administrators that this academic year will bring about a new wealth of social, educational and personal opportunities from which everyone students and staff will benefit.
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Rivals unite, and conquer

September 3, 2010 in Duluth News Tribune

The combined Central/Denfeld football program is off to a strong start after a shutout win over Hermantown. Continue Reading

Denfeld and Central students start to get a feel for what togetherness is like at Central’s open house

August 31, 2010 in Duluth News Tribune

Duluth Denfeld student Taia McColley looked forward to becoming a senior so she could finally purchase a Denfeld-logoed parking permit. She got one this year, but it bears the Central name instead.
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Runners from Denfeld and Central bond

August 28, 2010 in Duluth News Tribune

Fall prep previews: Cross country
As Duluth Central and Denfeld join forces in 2010-11, athletes need time just to get to know each other.
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Merging Duluth prep football players bond

July 29, 2010 in Duluth News Tribune

A merging of Duluth high schools at Duluth Denfeld and Duluth Central has the football team bonding through workouts.
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District shifting Red Plan money

June 23, 2010 in Duluth News Tribune

The changes, resulting from a series of revisions to the $296 million long-range building plan, will allow the district to shuffle money, scrapping some new buildings while throwing more money toward unexpected costs contained in other projects. Continue Reading

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