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Good experiences form better behavior

May 6, 2012 in Wadena Pioneer Journal

When I was pregnant with my daughter 14 years ago, the best advice I received was from my coworker. She said “Don’t start something with your kid that you don’t want to continue.” Apparently, she would put her first born into the laundry basket and would carry him down the stairs. It didn’t take long and he was too big to safely continue doing so. What was fun in the beginning became a problem.
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A tribute to my best friend Myrna

December 19, 2010 in Wadena Pioneer Journal

When I was a teenager my brilliant mother arranged for me to spend time with her friend, our family beautician, Myrna Kempf. Mom asked Myrna if she would teach me how to oil paint. That’s how our friendship began. Continue Reading

Love — true love — brought by an angel

February 12, 2010 in Wadena Pioneer Journal

I was a 37-year-old, never-married, single mother living in a tiny fish house-sized home, recovering from several bad choices, waiting for my knight in shining armor to rescue me. Continue Reading

Memories revisited by special meal

October 30, 2009 in Wadena Pioneer Journal

Growing up on the family dairy farm, our cows were given a number rather than a name except for the belligerent low-milk producer. Her name became “Hamburger.” Continue Reading

Memories of the PJ and Randy Mohs

March 18, 2009 in Wadena Pioneer Journal

Yes, the rumor is true. Randy doesn’t work here anymore. His last day as general manager was Wednesday, March 11. Simply put, his position was cut. Continue Reading

It’s all in the hats

November 19, 2008 in Wadena Pioneer Journal

Every year my childhood friends and I celebrate our birthdays together. This year it was the big 4-0 for Mary, Gail and myself. Continue Reading

The great Bark Park adventure

September 24, 2008 in Wadena Pioneer Journal

Saturday was a gorgeous, warm, fall day with a refreshing breeze. It was the perfect day to spend outdoors to enjoy the beautiful color-changing foliage. Continue Reading

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