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Going hungry on Peace River

August 17, 2012 in The Jamestown Sun

Forty years ago another young fellow and I drove to Chetwynd, British Columbia where we met an outfitter to embark upon an 18-day packtrip into the Peace River country. Continue Reading

Forever a rabbit hunter

February 10, 2012 in The Jamestown Sun

It is called Como Bluff, and archaeologists dug up dinosaur bones there early in the 20th Century. Someone told me about the spot located northwest of Laramie, Wyo. and in the 1970s I drove the 100 miles from my modest house in Cheyenne and explored the site. Continue Reading

Cleaning rifles worth the work

September 3, 2010 in The Jamestown Sun

One of many not-so-fond memories of my years in the Marine Corps involves that of cleaning rifles in boot camp. Prior to inspections and also after firing we would disassemble our M-14s, and scrub each piece of the rifle, including the bore of course, before reassembly.
Some of the more ambitious recruits took the barreled action into the shower and washed the rifle with hot water and soap, then quickly dried it. This nonsense went on almost daily during 13 weeks of training. Those M-14s got worn out not by shooting but by the incessant and unnecessary cleaning!
Continue Reading

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