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Benson: 20 years ago, a sobering reality hit our universe

July 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

In March 1992, three astronomers, Carolyn and Eugene Shoemaker and David Levy discovered their ninth comet, hence its name, “Shoemaker-Levy 9.” The team determined that S-L9 was orbiting Jupiter now rather than the sun. Because Jupiter is a heavy…continue reading on

Benson: Historic dialouge doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme

October 23, 2013 in The Dickinson Press

In recent days, I came across a book published in 2010 with a thought-provoking title, “Full Circle: How the Classical World Came Back to Us.” Continue Reading

Benson: Terror on New York’s streets

September 11, 2013 in The Dickinson Press

A bomb exploded at noon sharp, on Sept. 16, 1920, at 23 Wall St., at the intersection of Broad and Wall streets, the address of the J.P. Morgan Bank. Continue Reading

Benson: Aware of where we are

July 31, 2013 in The Dickinson Press

In May 1986 at Harvard’s graduation, an interviewer asked 23 graduates a simple question: “Why is it warm in the summer and cold in the winter?” Continue Reading

Benson: Egypt has a history of conquerors

July 17, 2013 in The Dickinson Press

Conquerors love Egypt. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte each in their own time invaded Egypt, walked upon Egypt’s sand, sailed on the Nile River and stared at the relics. Continue Reading

Benson appointed to Extension committee

February 10, 2013 in Worthington Daily Globe

Continue Reading

O Christmas Tree: Deck the halls with boughs of metal

December 21, 2012 in Worthington Daily Globe

Judy and Jon Benson’s Christmas tree doesn’t have any tinsel. The light that illuminates it comes from below, not from individual lights on its branches. But it’s still got plenty of sparkle.
The Worthington couple is enjoying their first year of having an unconventional Christmas tree. Continue Reading

Benson, Nobles County receive state awards

December 5, 2012 in Worthington Daily Globe

WORTHINGTON Nobles County Commissioner David Benson was honored with the President’s Award earlier this week at the Minnesota Association of Counties annual meeting in St. Cloud. Continue Reading

Propane distributors across the area are in the planning stages to combat the loss of access to a major pipeline

December 3, 2012 in West Central Tribune

BENSON Propane distributors serving west central Minnesota have until sometime in 2014 to find other sources for the fuel they now obtain from a pipeline with a terminal in Benson.
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West central MInn. law officers cite 75 for no seat belt during Click It campaign

November 5, 2012 in West Central Tribune

WILLMAR Area law enforcement officers cited 75 people for seat belt violations during the extra Click It or Ticket enforcement patrols from Oct. 12 to 26 in Swift and Kandiyohi counties. Continue Reading

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