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Persian Gulf states pulling ambassadors from Syria

February 7, 2012 in Grand Forks Herald

The six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council says it is pulling its ambassadors from Syria because of President Bashar Assad’s refusal to accept Arab attempts to end the country’s bloodshed. Continue Reading

As Syrian crackdown mounts, Arab nations join in condemnation

August 8, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

Arab nations joined the international chorus of condemnation against President Bashar Assad’s regime today, with Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia pulling out their ambassadors as a besieged Syrian city came under fresh artillery fire. Continue Reading

U.S. defense sales to Bahrain rose before crackdown

June 11, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

The U.S. government approved $200 million in military sales from American firms to Bahrain in 2010, months before the autocratic regime was rocked by instability amid a harsh crackdown on protesters, according to a State Department report. Continue Reading

Bahrain crown prince declines royal wedding invite

April 24, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

Bahrain’s crown prince on Sunday declined an invitation to attend Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, saying he did not want the Gulf nation’s unrest to tarnish the celebration. Continue Reading

Bahraini forces fire tear gas at protesters

March 25, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

Bahrain’s security forces fired tear gas and pellets at anti-government protesters in the Gulf kingdom on Friday after a prominent Shiite cleric vowed that their demands for the Sunni monarchy to loosen its grip on power will not be silenced by “brutal force.” One person died, activists said. Continue Reading

Iraqis eyeing Bahrain protests with anger, caution

March 17, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

Concerns over clashes in Bahrain between Shiite protesters and security forces from Sunni Arab states spilled over into Iraq on Thursday, as thousands of Shiite protesters converged on holy shrines to show support for their brethren in Bahrain. Continue Reading

Bahrain sweeps into protest camp; 4 dead

March 15, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

Soldiers and riot police used tear gas and armored vehicles to drive out hundreds of anti-government protesters occupying a landmark square in Bahrain’s capital, a day after emergency rule was imposed in the violence-wracked Gulf kingdom. At least four people were killed, according to witnesses and state TV. Continue Reading

Bahrain strife adds to U.S. worries in Mideas

March 15, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

Alarmed by the threat of Sunni-Shiite sectarian strife as unrest spreads in the Mideast, the Obama administration today urged Saudi Arabia not to hold back political reform in neighboring Bahrain, a longtime U.S. friend that is also caught between old loyalties to both majority-Sunni Saudi Arabia and majority-Shiite Iran. Continue Reading

Mideast protests at a glance

February 26, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

A look at anti-government protests, political unrest and key developments in five Arab countries today. Continue Reading

Bahrain king orders release of political prisoners

February 22, 2011 in Grand Forks Herald

Bahrain’s king ordered the release of some political prisoners today, conceding to another opposition demand as the embattled monarchy tries to engage protesters in talks aimed at ending an uprising that has entered its second week. Continue Reading

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