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Asian delegation checks soybean crop

September 20, 2012 in The Dickinson Press

BRANDON, S.D. With both hands holding it open, Fadjar Setiawan plunged a small, clear plastic bag into the cascade of soybeans flowing from a truck unloading at the Eastern Farmers Cooperative in Brandon. Continue Reading

Plant, animal invasion bigger than many think

August 30, 2012 in DL-Online

Word has spread across the state in the last couple of years about the invading Asian carp seen in those videos and the damage they could cause native fish. But few Minnesotans know the extent of the invasion from outside plants and animals.
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Research remains murky on danger of Asian carp invasion

July 11, 2012 in West Central Tribune

HAVANA, Ill. As scientists aboard a research boat activate an electric current, the calm Illinois River transforms into a roiling, silvery mass. Asian carp by the dozen hurtle from the water as if shot from a gun, soaring in graceful arcs before plunging beneath the surface with splashes resembling tiny geysers.
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Asian carp may sneak into Minn.

May 13, 2012 in Worthington Daily Globe

Invasive species netted in the Iowa Great Lakes
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) There’s a back door for Asian carp to sneak into Minnesota, and fisheries officials are worried that the invaders might have found it already. Continue Reading

Evidence of Asian carp found in Mississippi River north of Twin Cities

December 9, 2011 in DL-Online

Minnesota is kicking up its Asian carp fight after test results show the invasive fish that can out-eat native species could be upstream from the Twin Cities. The discovery opens the possibility that the fish could be headed to central and northern Minnesota’s lake country. Continue Reading

Tests find evidence of Asian carp in Minn. waters north of Twin Cities

December 8, 2011 in West Central Tribune

ST. PAUL — Asian carp appear on their way to northern Minnesota waters, or may already be there. Continue Reading

Tests: Asian carp may be in Mississippi

October 21, 2011 in West Central Tribune

Water samples from the Mississippi River downstream from the Ford Dam in Minneapolis have tested positive for genetic material from silver carp, indicating the invasive Asian species may be present in the Twin Cities stretch of the river Continue Reading

Expert: High risk of Asian carp invading Great Lakes

September 8, 2010 in West Central Tribune

CHICAGO Signs of Asian carp in Chicago waterways mean there’s a great risk the invasive fish could slip into Lake Michigan at any time, a witness said Tuesday in the first full day of testimony in a five-state lawsuit. Continue Reading

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