If we don’t change, firearms tragedy will return

January 5, 2013 at 6:00 pm in Duluth News Tribune

We’ve witnessed another national tragedy. Again, the hope and future lives of the innocent are taken away. They are gone from us forever, except for their names. Appropriately, we hear calls for change. Inappropriately, we hear the same old hard-rock ideological opposition to any change. Could limiting gun technology give responders the few seconds that might save lives? We need to explore that option. Could better means of identifying the profiles of those likely to commit horrible crimes allow for even a few preventions in the first place? We need to re-examine the options we might have to protect the innocent from the dangerous. Is there any basis for associating our fascination with violence in many forms with the potential for influencing minds that cannot put appropriate perspective on gratuitous acts of violence in games, movies and elsewhere? We need to better understand whether there is a connection.
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