OUR OPINION: A tribally funded free press

April 16, 2012 at 5:02 pm in Grand Forks Herald

On the Spirit Lake reservation, says a senior clinical psychologist, services “are mired in mismanagement that endangers abused and neglected children,” Sunday’s Herald reported. “Michael Tilus, director of behavioral health at the Spirit Lake Health Center here, has written a ‘letter of grave concern’ to state and federal officials describing alleged widespread failures creating what he describes as an ongoing crisis.” And if Tilus is accurate in his descriptions, then a lot more than “grave concern” is going to be needed. But what, exactly? If frustrated tribal members want to break the cycle of mismanagement, what can they do? Here’s one idea. And it has nothing to do with tribal social services, the tribal council or the Bureau of Indian Affairs: Make provisions for a permanent and permanently free press.
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